making jewelry

Top beginner jewelry making tips:

The best part about making your own jewelry is that you can design it as you want, in the shades of color you want and who can even keep aside the cost-effectiveness factor? And creating your own jewelry is the newest trend catching up with a lot of people, both young and old! There also quite a lot of people doing a great business out of their jewelry making skills. So for all those creative souls out there, who love making their own jewelry – this one is for you!

making jewelry

Start off with the basics:
If you want your jewelry making journey to be smooth, it’s best you kickstart with the basics. Learning the basic knots, twists, quick ways to make jewelry effortlessly will surely help you. Brushing up with the commonly used terminologies will also be of great help. Getting through with all this will help you save you time and also the frustration of getting things wrong at the start itself! So yes, basics are essential.

Choose the type of jewelry you love the most:
Every jewelry enthusiast knows the tonnes of the kinds of jewelry available out there. From metallic to woven to paper maché, there’s a varied palette of jewelry that’s used. And more importantly, designing jewelry is no easy task, it takes a lot of skill and patience to master the art. SO what you have to do here is choose one type of jewelry and learn it well. Once you know the ins and outs of one particular type, you can easily switch over to learning a new style!

Buy yourself supplies and essential tools:
This will not prove to be a motivation for you to get started, but will also help you make sale-worthy jewelry! In the beginning, it’s fine if you use those recycled beads and strings, but as you go further, make sure to invest a bit in this new found passion of yours. Also, get the tools required to craft this delicate jewelry. You’ll come up with perfect jewelry that will not only fetch you a good price but will also be beautiful enough to gift it to someone!

Organize yourself:
Keep aside a corner that’s entirely dedicated as your jewelry making workplace. In this corner, make sure everything is well-organized. This is because jewelry making is a delicate and tedious task, which will leave you frustrated if you are messy and unorganized. Classify the beads according to their shape, size, and color into different boxes. Sort your tools accordingly and then get started on your creative journey!