Diamond Jewelry Rental

Can You Rent Diamond Jewelry?

Diamond Jewelry RentalDiamond jewelry is a great accessory to any fashionable (or not so fashionable) outfit. But oftentimes, the price tag of some of the most exquisite pieces are prohibitive for most. Even the richest among us can’t always afford to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a single piece of jewelry.

That’s why many often wonder if it’s possible to temporarily rent diamond jewelry for a night out on the town. Are there any stores out there that will allow customers to “borrow” their jewelry for a fee? It’s a good question, but unfortunately the answer isn’t quite clear cut.

A simple Google search does reveal that there are companies out there that offer diamond jewelry rental. But the reputation of any online business isn’t always well known. The beauty of the internet is anyone can open up shop. Unfortunately that’s also the downside as unscrupulous individuals can setup beautiful looking websites and make them seem legit.

Fortunately there are quite a few of review sites online that offer reviews of the best place to buy jewelry, for example. But can you be sure these are legitimate reviews, and not some company just trying to make commissions from their recommendations?

Again, it’s not clear cut. But you have to be able to start somewhere. And these diamond jewelry store reviews are often the best place to begin.

We were not able to find reviews of some of the jewelry rental stores out there, but a little more time searching around and you’ll be able to find something that you can inherently trust. Just be careful.

Online Diamond Store ReviewIf you do want to rent diamond jewelry, make sure you’re fully aware of the company’s terms and conditions. Oftentimes, these will be long and boring legal speak but it’s important you read through everything. Their rental terms are extremely important to know. These will lay out any rules you must be aware of. For example, what if there is a clause in the contract/terms that say if there is any scuffing on the jewelry when it’s returned you’re responsible for damages and expenses in repair/cleaning.

If you don’t know this you’ll be in for quite the surprise when you bring back that diamond studded tiara you rented for your daughter’s prom. So familiarize yourself with any conditions that the stores place on the renter. Also be aware of late fees and cut-off times for returning your rental.

When you first pick up your rental piece, make sure you examine it thoroughly in front of the customer service reps so you know exactly what and what isn’t “your fault” when you return the piece. What’s even better is to pull out your smartphone and take a couple of photos from various angles, showing the entire piece. That way you have photographic proof that a “scuff” or scratch was there before you rented it, and it’s not your fault or responsibility.

Following the advice you just read can potentially save you thousands of dollars and avoid any scams that might be prevalent in the marketplace right now. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments below!